Hosting For Life Reselling

Are you a web designer or web design company? Or maybe even starting out as web host? You can make money from our Hosting For Life offer in a coupe of ways. Firstly, once you have bought the hosting package at £85.00 as long as you stay within our terms and conditions regarding the hosting of illegal stuff and sexually explicit material you can do with it what you will. So say you have a client who needs a new website, you buy the hosting for life package then you have a number of options.

You can pass the full saving on so your client benefits from the one off payment - this means you can make the same offer which will attract clients and put you in a good light, our clients love the hosting for life package. You could, if you wished, add a small amount onto it so you make a little profit.

You can also charge your client a monthly or yearly hosting fee for as long as they are a customer. So, say for example you charge £10 a month, this means after month 9 that £10 is pure profit for you, for as long as you like!

On top of this, we also offer discounts for bulk orders.

If you purchase 5 hosting for life packages up front, you ay £75 per package instead of £85 and you get one free.
If you purchase 10 hosting for life packages up front you pay £70 per package and you get two free.

To qualify full payment has to be made at the outset and the packages are noted and laid aside for use upon your request. Or issued in whatever quantities you need

Greater numbers can be purchased with additional discounts. Remember, you also get our full support with all packages so if one of your clients has a problem that we cover, you just get in touch with us! Please contact us for a custom quote.

So, you can save and make money! If you haven't already check out the hosting for life page for more information.