About Us

QAwebhosting - the QA stands for Quality Assured in case you were wondering - started as a web design company in the North East of England in 1998. As there were very few companies doing that at the time work was easy to come by and a good sized portfolio soon led to more companies wanting to get online and the work just kep coming. A fortuitous connection at Yahoo, at that time as important as Google is now, meant any site QA designed ranked very highly on that search engine. Word spread and QA worked with Ann Summers, Bet 365, Fitzrovia and Ladbrokes to name just a few.

QA soon realised web hosting companies were few and far between and there was a gap in the market to fill. Very soon the web designing became a lesser and lesser part of the company until it became a stand alone domain name and hosting company - although some of the web design experience still comes in handy when a client asks us to help correct problems with a web site!

QA has a huge number of clients, some of whom have been with us from the start of our hosting days and we like to to think have become friends as much as customers. A lot of new customers come through referals which is always nice as it means we are doing it right.

Support is what drives QA - it is our aim to make web hosting as easy as it can be for our customers be they new to getting online or are switiching over for a better deal. Please see the support page for more details on how to get in touch. We pride ourseves on helping as much as we can - even if it isn't strictly within our remit. We get a huge kick out of getting it right and leaving the customer happy and with their problem solved.

Our uptime since March of 2017 when there was last a server network problem is 100% excluding planned maintainence and we have every intention of keeping it that way.

A big change to QA's position was the introduction of the Hosting For Life offer. It has been so popular around 90% of our clients switched to it for a better deal. Please see the Hosting For Life page for more details - it could save you years of Hosting Fees!

And don't worry about the "for life" bit - we've been around twenty years and have every intention of being around for twenty more providing top quality, feature rich web hosting and superior and personal support.