Hosting For Life


You have seen mention of the famous Hosting For Life package all around the site, so, what exactly is it? Well it is exactly what it sounds like. You pay a one off fee of £85.00 and your website is hosted for life. You will never receive another invoice for hosting again. If you buy a domain through us as well as hosting then you will recieve invoices for the domain names renewal at our standard rates - there is no inflated domain renewal price for hosting for life clients. If you already have a domain and wish to leave it at the current registrar this means you will never recieve another invoice from QA again!


"There are hosting providers and there are hosting providers. I discovered QA Webhosting almost twenty years ago and have been with them continuously since then. During this period I have pointed friends and family in their direction and can honestly report that all have been very pleased with the service provided. One major plus point that we all agree on is how quickly any problems are dealt with. I have rarely waited more than one hour for a reply irrespective of what time of day it is. Without reservation I recommend QA Webhosting."
Len Priestley -

Obviously it is not possible to predict if QA will be in business for life but we have been around 20 years and are still going strong. The best way to look at it is the cheapest other hosting option is £35.00 per year so once you get past two and a half years into your hosting for life deal you're in profit so to speak! And dont forget for the first three weeks of your hosting you can have a full money back guarantee if you are not happy so there is no risk involved at all. Please remember this package is for smaller businesses and personal use. If you are not sure whether you can qualify for this package, please contact us as we will do our best to accomodate you.


"We have been with qawebhosting since the early years of the internet. Prices were good value and technical support was always good when we needed them. Then qawebhosting introduced the 'one off payment' for a lifetime of webhosting. For a very reasonable once only payment we would get hosting for life, this seemed unbelievably great value as we paid less than many people were paying for a single year's subscription with other providers. Technical support, when needed, is as good as ever. Whats not to like so we now have three 'hosting for life' packages and our only costs are the domain name renewals."
David Brawn -

Some of the questions people always ask include:

Does the Hosting For Life package have the same features as the regular package?
It does indeed - you get everything that is listed on the hosting page as standard - QA has no hidden costs or extras.

I have several websites, can I have more than one account?
You certainly can, have as many as you wish!

I am a web designer, can I get Hosting For Life packages for my clients.
Please do, the beauty of this is you can then charge your clients what you wish - please see the reseller page for more details.

If I am not happy with the package or service (you will be though!) can I have a refund?
You have three weeks to take your hosting out for a spin during which time you can have your money back for any reason at all without any hesitation - you don't even have to tell us why if you don't want to but we'd prefer to know what the problem is! After that time refunds are totally at our discression and not guaranteed.

Do I have to buy a domain from QA or transfer my existing name to you?
No, it would be great if you did buy your domain here - we have loads to choose from! - but if you already have one we are happy to host it. You can transfer it to us if you want but by no means do you have to. You can choose hosting only during the shopping cart process.

Do I get the same level of support as there is for the other hosting packages?
Put it this way, when someone signs up for hosting for life they do not become a hosting for life customer, they are a customer; no different to any other so yes, you recieve the same levele of assistance and attention as any other client.

There are many more answers to questions on the FAQ page. And more testimonials here.


"QA have hosted my website for decades and never a problem."

So at the end of the day if you are looking for feature rich web hosting for a one off payment with a money back guarantee, then you have come to the right place! We look forward to meeting all of your hosting needs.