Kind words from some of our clients.

There are hosting providers and there are hosting providers. I discovered QA Webhosting almost twenty years ago and have been with them continuously since then. During this period I have pointed friends and family in their direction and can honestly report that all have been very pleased with the service provided. One major plus point that we all agree on is how quickly any problems are dealt with. A quick email to support and within minutes Phil is on the case. I have rarely waited more than one hour for a reply irrespective of what time of day it is. Without reservation I recommend QA Webhosting
Len Priestly. astleycyclespeedway.org.uk

We had been with qawebhosting since the early years of the internet. Prices were good value and technical support was always good when we needed them. Then qawebhosting introduced the 'one off payment' for a lifetime of webhosting. For a very reasonable once only payment we would get hosting for life, this seemed unbelievably great value as we paid less than many people were paying for a single year's subscription with other providers. Technical support, when needed, is as good as ever. Whats not to like so we now have three 'hosting for life' packages and our only costs are the domain name renewals.
David Brawn. dwgwalking.co.uk

Qawebhosting has hosted my website for decades and never a problem..
Mike Baker. mcwbaker.com


I've been with QAwebhosting for fifteen years and use it for all my pre-press proofing and publication needs. I have an academic email address as well, but this is the one I use for shifting the serious stuff around. The level of support has been amazing - frequently occurring at ridiculously antisocial hours. Coupled with the low costs created by the 'hosting for life' option, I've never considered looking elsewhere.
Colin Shepherd. scottish-heritage.org.uk


QA Webhosting - Hosting for Life? Yes, and no catch! Once set up, just pay for domain name renewal for a great free hosting service from a friendly and reliable provider.
Find out more details from QA Webhosting now while this offer is still on.
Sci-Fi author C. S. Arle. Read some exciting Science Fiction; click on the direct link here to the Arle-Books.co.uk website


I have been using QAWebhosting services for 15+ years now and I highly recommend them. They have always responded to any emails very quickly and have always provided me with a very professional and efficient service. Over the years I have owned several websites and I always use QAwebhosting for my domains and hosting services. The lifetime hosting offer has to be the best deal out there, so I have no hesitation in recommending QAwebhosting.
Simon Rimmer. furniture-outlet.co.uk


I am extremely happy to recommend QAwebhosting for the excellent high-quality Internet Services provided (ISP), on a 24-hour basis. The internet services has never been interrupted without prior warning for routine maintenance. They have also made minor changes to my website, in which I am very grateful.

Therefore, after many years with QA, I can strongly recommend this ISP provider without hesitation.
Robert B Mackay B.Sc, M.Sc FSPE. mackaymarinesurveyors.co.uk



I have always found QAwebhosting to offer a good service and invariably quick to resolve any issues that I may have. Their lifetime hosting option means one less thing for me to worry about.
Ray Hughes. 729.me.uk


I signed up for the lifetime hosting with QAWebhosting several years ago, it might be longer. I signed up for it. It's there forever, I haven't had to think about hosting for years. Yes LIFETIME hosting means exactly that. Growing up I was told that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Well not this time. Aside from never worrying about hosting fees, or hosting ever again, the service I get is genuinely awesome. As a small organisation, with little time to dedicate to maintenance concerns with my website I have experienced a service that is absolutely perfect. Low maintenance, personal support, great service. Sometimes a service provider is simply "Too Good"... or to use the correct word... excellent.
Carrie Foster. organisationdevelopment.org


QAwebhosting? Here's what I think! Services are measured on two parameters:

1. Price. A service for an indefinite period for a one-time charge? Come on!

2. Performance. Two things here:

2A Availability - If you're looking for 100% availability on anything, then you're on the wrong planet! To be fair, I've monitored access through QAwebhosting to my web stuff over the years at >99.99%

2B Incident Management - Now this is the acid test! When external factors hit availability (of a website or a nuclear reactor!), you're looking for technical competence and communication skills. In the <0.01 period, QAwebhosting have proved their expertise in problem management and, as importantly, in keeping you the client informed - regularly, fully and openly.

If you are looking for a website host, take heed -
"2B or not 2B? That is the question!"
Andrew Simpson. shooglybike.com



The hosting for life has been great and QA has been more than helpful to me when I was webmaster. I was new at the task and they helped me through the learning process. We signed up for it in 2002 and never regretted it.
Sheppy Shepherd Chairman Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society. hhgs.org.uk



I’ve used this service for many years having multiple website’s. The lifetime package is a god send. Very happy with the service.
John Richards. cebrgjra.com